KSD-255 Meets any student’s needs

Model KSD-255
Diameter 14”
Depth 5.5"
Shell Material Steel
Finish Chrome
Bearing Edge 45°
Snare Bed Regular snare bed
Lug 10 One-Piece
Hoop 1.6mm triple-flange steel
Strainer B-type
Snares High-Carbon Steel Coiled Wire (20 strands)
Weight 8.8 lbs.
Top Head 14" Coated
Bottom Head 14" Clear
Snare Mute Simple and effective concert snare drum mute; MU-SNARE.
Snare Drum Stands Lightweight and heavyweight concert snare drum stands; SS-745A and SS-655.
Snare Drum Cases Cases for concert series snare drums; PCH-CS1314.