OSM Series Delivers authentic concert snare tone

Shell Design

A 7-ply maple shell is constructed using the patented Yamaha Air-Seal System™ ensuring the shell stays perfectly round. The Yamaha Air Seal system is one in which an air bag is placed inside the shell and inflated at high-pressure to put even pressure on the shell’s inner surface to create perfectly round shells with uniform thickness. The thicker shell facilitates even finer detail and expanded expressive capability.

Snare Material

These snare drums incorporate straight cable snares. These nylon-coated, stainless steel cables produce minimum noise when switched on or off and deliver a dark sound when on. The ten, central strands give the sound power, while the three outer strands on each side add delicate response that allows subtle playing nuance to reach every corner of the concert hall. The snare wires are attached to the plate unit, which is designed for easy attachment and removal, as well as consistent tension.

Maple Shell

Carefully selected maple is used for the shells for rich resonance and warm tone.

Classic Brown Finish

The classic brown finish provided on the OSM Series harmonizes beautifully with the other concert drums, for an elegant visual presence in any concert hall.

Shallow Snare Bed

A shallow snare bed that is resistant to distortion on the snare-side head is used for producing natural drum resonance. This results in an ideal combination of natural instrument tone and delicate snare response.

K-Type Strainer

This K-type strainer developed for the BSM Series contributes to smooth, precise operation with minimum noise.

Tube Lugs

By tensioning both the top and bottom heads with unified lugs, an ideal balance of tension is achieved for optimal sound transmission from both heads. The design minimizes contact area so that shell resonance is fully exploited.

Aluminum Die-Cast Hoop

Aluminum die-cast hoops provide an ideal combination of light weight and strength that results in a bright, well-defined tone.