9000 Series

Sizes and Systems

Eight traditional sizes of double headed concert toms are offered in three traditional set-ups: CTG-6802 (6", 8", 10", 12" with two stands); CTG-0234 (10", 12", 13", 14", with two stands); CTG-3456 (13", 14", 15", 16", with two stands). Also sold in pairs (6 and 8; 10 and 12; 13 and 14; 15 and 16) with one stand, or as individual drums.

Size Structure

After exhaustive study to determine the best size for this model specifically designed for concert use, Yamaha adopted a size structure based on the proportional relation between diameter and depth, based on increasing the shell depth by ½ an inch for every 1-inch increase in diameter. As a result, Yamaha designers successfully achieved the classical tone and lingering depth which is fundamentally different from that of existing concert toms.

YESS III Mounting System

How a tom and a stand are connected is a very important factor to determine the resonance and tonal color of the instrument. As the best mount system for the 9000 Series, Yamaha adopted the YESS III Mount System. This reflects the design concept of the Yamaha ultra-high-end drum set PHX Series drum sets.

By putting the tom in a state close to “hanging in the air” as much as possible without holding it, this mount system minimizes the potential loss where the stand absorbs the instrument’s vibration and succeeds to bring out tom tom’s original fat tone with longer sustain.

Air-Seal System Shells

The oak shells are produced utilizing the Yamaha exclusive Air-Seal System. This process ensures that shells start round and stay round; an in-round shell tunes clearer and provides a pure fundamental tone.

2.3 mm., DynaHoop Rims

Dyna hoop rims are triple-flanged and constructed of 2.3-millimeter-thick steel, contributing to a fast, well-defined attack.

Oak Shells

Oak shells offer a fat, dense tone and sharp, open resonance. In addition to these characteristics, longer sustain and quick response is provided by YESS III Mounting System, achieving a perfect balance between tonal clarity and abundant sustain. Even when playing a high-speed passage or roll, you can deliver the slightest nuance to your audience.

WS-865A Stand

The concert tom systems come with the WS-865A heavy-duty stand. The stand features double braced legs for stability.

Darkwood Stain Finish

Fits well in concert settings.