YX-230 Discontinued

3-octave Range

A 3-octave range is ample for school instruction and performance.

Compact, Lightweight Design

In addition to a compact 3-octave configuration, the YX-230 features bars and frame that have been specifically designed using carefully selected materials to deliver outstanding tone in a remarkably lightweight instrument. A built-in handle allows the instrument to be easily carried by one person.

Easy Storage in Small Spaces

The instrument consists of a frame with rubber feet that can be stored upright in a limited space.

*The instrument will not stand on its own vertically, so it should be leaned against a wall with the wide (low note) end down.

Left: Horizontal (no support required)

Right: Vertical (support required)


A great deal of effort went into ensuring that the frame is both lightweight and durable so that it can be used with confidence in school situations. The post is made of resin so that it will not bend and dampen bar resonance or cause unwanted noise. Conventional metal post can bend and cause widening of the attachment holes, loosening post components to the point that they can fall out. Resin post is flexible and will not lose its shape when force is applied. The base of the post is wedge shaped to reduce the chance of accidental detachment.

*Only the end posts are metal, to provide the extra strength required at those points.

Simple Setup

No assembly or disassembly required. Simply place the instrument on a stand or tabletop and play.

Innovative Tone Bar and Frame Design

The tone bars are made of padauk wood that is the same material used for Yamaha entry-level marimbas. All bars are 38 millimeters in width, providing the same playability as high-end models. The wood frame is not only light and durable, but also contributes to improved tonal quality. By making the distance from the bottom of the frame to the natural and accidental bars equal, consistent volume is achieved for rich overall tone and resonance. A student’s first instrument is important, so we have spared no effort in optimizing every detail, from frame to tone bars.

Cover & Mallets Supplied

A cover that protects the instrument from dust and scratches, and a pair of mallets, are provided as standard accessories.