YX-500R/F Xylophones

YX-500R/F is available in both Rosewood (YX-500R) and Acoustalon™ (YX-500F). They come with two-position resonator slots and features new bar sizes for consistent tone quality throughout the range of the instrument. Its gas shock height adjustment frame allows easy, effortless adjustment by the player. Offering a full, authentic wood sound with new size of bars, they feature a foldable frame for transport and easy set up.

YX-500R 3 1/2 Octave Professional Rosewood Xylophone

Two-position resonator slots, consistent tone quality and shock height adjustment frame

YX-500F 3 1/2 Octave Professional Acoustalon Xylophone

Features Yamaha Acoustalon™ synthetic bar material that is resilient to climate changes

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.