USA Edition for CVP Clavinovas Software Package

Customized Playlist

USA Edition sets up your CVP Series with a customized Playlist Database that includes popular titles from a variety of musical genres. It's been specially configured to include titles found in the "Best Songs Ever" book that you get with your CVP Series Entertainment Pack & Starter Kit!

Additional Content

When USA Edition is installed on your CVP Series Clavinova, you're getting a great package of exclusive content. New user Voices bring you classic American instrument sounds, including basses, guitars, organs, synths and vintage electric pianos. 10 exclusive accompaniment Styles are also included, expanding your instrument's already large collection.

Style Guides

Learn how to get the most out of accompaniment Styles with these brand new Style Guides. Style Guides teach you how to play a collection of popular songs by showing you a musical score that includes cues on when to switch Style variations or when to use the intros and endings to recreate the songs with incredible musicality.

Registration Memory

Registration Memory allows you to set your CVP up just the way you like it, and then memorize it for single-button recall. When your CVP Series Clavinova is set up with USA Edition, several banks of Registration Memory configurations are included, giving you some convenient configurations to get you started immediately.