Standard Bocals

Model Description
*YAC FGB-N1 short
*YAC FGB-N2 long
YAC FGB-N1A short; larger reed opening
YAC FGB-N2A long; larger reed opening
YAC FGB-NS1A short; 0.7mm wall thickness
YAC FGB-NS2A long; 0.7mm wall thickness

* Standard with YFG-812 and YFG-821.

The N1A and N2A have a slightly larger opening at the reed end and a different taper at the tenon end. The NS1A and NS2A are the same design as the N1 and N2, but with 0.7mm wall thickness.

Super Bocals
Yamaha "Super Bocals" are used by symphony orchestra bassoonists worldwide. They come in four different tapers (C, E, P, and V) and two different lengths (1=short, 2=long). They are available in either nickel-silver or brass, with a choice of silver, nickel, or Hamilton (alloy of gold) plated finishes.

C Type

This bocal is the standard design and the best all-around bocal.

Model Description
YAC FGB-CNS1 short; nickel-silver; silver-plated
YAC FGB-CNS2 long; nickel-silver; silver-plated
YAC FGB-CBH1 short; brass; Hamilton-plated
YAC FGB-CBH2 long; brass; Hamilton-plated
YAC FGB-CBN1 short; brass; nickel-plated
YAC FBG-CBN2 long; brass; nickel-plated
YAC FBG-CBS1 short; brass; silver-plated
YAC FBG-CBS2 long; brass; silver-plated
YAC FBG-CNH1 short; nickel-silver; Hamilton plated
YAC FBG-CNH2 long; nickel-silver; Hamilton plated
YAC FBG-CNN1 short; nickel-silver; nickel-plated
YAC FBG-CNN2 long; nickel-silver; nickel-plated

E Type

This bocal has more resistance than the C Type. It is most useful for soft passages.

Model Description
YAC FGB-ENS1 short; nickel-silver; silver-plated
YAC FGB-ENS2 long; nickel-silver; silver-plated
YAC FGB-EBH1 short; brass; Hamilton-plated
YAC FGB-EBH2 long; brass; Hamilton-plated
YAC FGB-EBN1 short; brass; nickel-plated
YAC FGB-EBN2 long; brass; nickel-plated
YAC FGB-EBS1 short; brass; silver-plated
YAC FGB-EBS2 long; brass; silver-plated
YAC FGB-ENH1 short; nickel-silver; Hamilton plated
YAC FGB-ENH2 long; nickel-silver; Hamilton plated
YAC FGB-ENN1 short; nickel-silver; nickel-plated
YAC FGB-ENN2 long; nickel-silver; nickel-plated

P Type

This bocal was created to favor the high register.

Model Description
YAC FGB-PNS1 short; nickel-silver; silver-plated
YAC FGB-PNS2 long; nickel-silver; silver-plated
YAC FGB-PBH1 short; brass; Hamilton-plated
YAC FGB-PBH2 long; brass; Hamilton-plated
YAC FGB-PBN1 short; brass; nickel-plated
YAC FGB-PBN2 long; brass; nickel-plated
YAC FGB-PBS1 short; brass; silver-plated
YAC FGB-PBS2 long; brass; silver-plated
YAC FGB-PNH1 short; nickel-silver; Hamilton plated
YAC FGB-PNH2 long; nickel-silver; Hamilton plated
YAC FGB-PNN1 short; nickel-silver; nickel-plated
YAC FGB-PNN2 long; nickel-silver; nickel-plated

V Type

This bocal has a traditional sound with enhanced upper harmonics and is very similar to the C Type.

Model Description
YAC FGB-VNS1 short; nickel-silver; silver-plated
YAC FGB-VNS2 long; nickel-silver; silver-plated
YAC FGB-VBH1 short; brass; Hamilton-plated
YAC FGB-VBH2 long; brass; Hamilton-plated
YAC FGB-VBN1 short; brass; nickel-plated
YAC FGB-VBN2 long; brass; nickel-plated
YAC FGB-VBS1 short; brass; silver-plated
YAC FGB-VBS2 long; brass; silver-plated
YAC FGB-VNH1 short; nickel-silver; Hamilton plated
YAC FGB-VNH2 long; nickel-silver; Hamilton plated
YAC FGB-VNN1 short; nickel-silver; nickel-plated
YAC FGB-VNN2 long; nickel-silver; nickel-plated

(Specifications subject to change without notice)