YCL-221 Standard Bb Bass Clarinet Discontinued

Matte finished ABS resin body

The matte finish gives the clarinet a much better appearance, while the ABS resin body makes the clarinet more lightweight and very durable while giving it a warmer sound and an excellent response.

Redesigned neck angle

The neck angle is now the same as that of the professional models, resulting in a much more comfortable and natural playing position.

Leather pads with plastic resonators

These pads (also used on our saxophones) are longer lasting and provide a better feel with increased projection than standard clarinet pads.

Redesigned register tone hole

This tone hole was scientifically designed and placed for extremely accurate intonation.

Rounded bridge key connector

The rounded key prevents key damage and eliminates the need to hold the keys when putting the instrument together.

New joint system

The rubber rings surrounding the cork help to prevent air leaks, ease assembly and prevent keys from binding.

Compact ABS case

This durable lightweight case is smaller and easier for children to carry, making it much more bus-friendly. This case is also stackable and will take up much less space in the band room.