New Low E/F Pitch Correction Key

Added to the "L" models of the G Series Custom Clarinets, the low E/F pitch correction helps bring a stabilized pitch center to that particular register.

New Alternate Ab/Eb Lever

A new alternate Ab/Eb lever allows players an expanded selection of key combinations and transitions.

New bore design

The YCL-CSG features a newly improved bore design. With this bore design, we have found the sound to be warmer with a larger spectrum of tone colors and shadings. The player will also notice better flexibility and improved intonation.

New bell design

By eliminating the bell ring on this model, the tonal qualities become more enriched.

Hand-tapered undercut tone holes

Skilled artisans hand taper and undercut each tone hole for superior tone quality, even intonation and a uniformed response throughout the full range of the instrument.

Silver-plated nickel silver keys

The keys are constructed from a durable hard metal that prevents breakage and deformation that can alter the response over time. Silver-plating will enhance the feel, featuring a balanced, light, comfortable touch. Available features:

Available Options

CL-CSGAII-L (key of A), YCL-CSGAHII-L (key of A with Hamilton-plated keys), YCL-CSGHII-L (key of Bb with Hamilton-plated keys)

The Upper Joint

The barrel is shorter than on conventional clarinets allowing a longer upper joint (approximately 10mm longer). This gives a more balanced, natural feeling response, and helps add focus to its colorful tone.

The Body

The CSG features a body of the highest grade each piece of African grenadilla is individually test selected and carefully seasoned using Yamaha's vast experience with fine woods. The natural finish is attractive and actually contributes to the tonal richness.

The Bell

The solid Grenadilla bell has no metal ring on the rim to enhance the natural warmth and resonance of the sound, and improve the playing flexibility.

Special Pads

A strategic combination of cork, synthetic, and leather pads optimize and balance tone and response