Bell and Barrel

Slightly plump barrel and thick-walled bell produce a deep tone with rich resonance.

Improved key shape with proprietary Yamaha key-plating

Ergonomically-designed new key shape offers comfortable and natural key touch. Proprietary Yamaha key-plating is applied on the keys, allowing a focused and centered sound.

New Eb lever

A newly shaped Eb lever is adopted as a standard, along which the entire mechanism is totally re-designed as well.

Pads made of cork and leather

Cork pads and leather pads are optimally placed to maximize on their tonal quality, touch and functionality.

New toneholes

New toneholes maximize superior tone quality, even intonation and a uniformed response throughout the full range of the instrument.

Low E/F Pitch Correction Mechanism

The low E/F pitch correction mechanism helps bring a stabilized pitch center to that particular register.