YCL-SE Artist Model/SE Artist Model A Bb/A Clarinets

Original Initial Plate

A pink gold plated initial plate engraved with an “A” standing for “Artist Model” adds a distinctive touch to this fine instrument.

Mechanism for Enhanced Playability

To allow artists to concentrate more fully on the performance, a refined mechanism enhances playability for compositions that demand difficult fingerings or pitches.

A: Original Yamaha Low E/F Pitch Correction Mechanism

This mechanism improves intonation of the low E and F notes. Furthermore, no keys extend below the lower joint leaving the bell clean and streamlined.

B: Left-hand Eb Lever Included

Equipped standard with a highly-reliable Eb lever and newly designed mechanism for smoother key action.

C: Left-hand F/C Key Linkage

An adjustment screw added to the left-hand F/C key linkage mechanism makes it possible to achieve smooth operation for every player.

Pink Gold Plating

The key posts, joint rings and thumb tubes are plated in elegant pink gold. This not only enhances appearance, but adds to the instrument’s delicate tonality as well.

Bell and Barrel

Original SE bell and barrel designs contribute to heightened resonance. Optimized resistance and air flow help to produce a more dense tone.

Tone Holes

Raised tone holes are used for the D/A notes, providing better projection as well as improved tonal quality.

Case and Case Cover

A dedicated case and case cover provide maximum protection and portability.