Clarinet Mouthpieces

Custom Series

Model 4CM 5CM 6CM
Bb/A Clarinet Tip Opening 1.05mm 1.10mm 1.15mm
Facing Length 21.0mm 21.0mm 21.0mm

Standard Series

Model 3C 4C 5C 6C
Eb Clarinet Tip Opening - 1.00mm - -
Facing Length - 17.0mm - -
Bb/A Clarinet Tip Opening 1.00mm 1.05mm 1.10mm 1.20mm
Facing Length 19.0mm 19.0mm 19.0mm 19.0mm
Eb Alto Clarinet Tip Opening - 1.40mm - -
Facing Length - 22.0mm - -
Bb Bass Clarinet Tip Opening 1.60mm 1.70mm 1.80mm -
Facing Length 31.0mm 31.0mm 31.0mm -


Model Comments
3C Easy control and good response from lower to higher ranges, even for beginners.
4C Helps obtain a well-balanced tone over all octaves, for professionals and beginners alike.
5C Facilitates a richer, fuller volume than 4C, with a greater tonal variety.
6C An excellent mouthpiece for experienced players seeking powerful volume, strong tone, and rich tone variety.