Tuba Mouthpieces

Model Number System

Standard Series

Model No. Rim Inner Diameter (mm) Throat
BB-64 30.45 8.35 Small inner rim diameter with a medium cup. An ideal beginner's model for young players. Well-balanced rim configuration for flexibility and easy playability.
BB-65 30.95 8.35 Relatively small inner rim diameter and medium cup volume for easy playability. Excellent balance throughout the instrument's range, with a fairly dark tone.
BB-66 31.37 8.35 Voluminous cup. Fairly dark tone with plenty of power. Excellent resonance and clarity. Popular in ensembles and orchestras.
BB-66B 31.37 8.35 Shallower cup than the 66. Outstanding playability and flexibility. Fairly bright tone and facile response over a wide range.
BB-66D4 31.49 8.87 Excellent matching with Eb brass band instruments. Very deep cup. Dark tone with plenty of volume. Symphonic sound.
BB-67 31.93 8.35 Exceptional rim and cup balance for easy playability. Good match for Bb, C, and Eb instruments. Well-centered tone.
BB-67B4 32.06 7.02 Large inner rim diameter with a shallow cup. Easy playability with a bright tone. Particularly easy high notes and clear lows. Perfect for F instruments.
BB-67C4 32.06 8.10 A perfect match for Bb and C instruments. All-around versatility. Smooth, mellow tone throughout the instrument's range. Plenty of volume and power.
BB-68B 32.72 7.50 Large inner rim diameter with a small cup volume and throat. Enhanced clarity in large Bb and C tubas.
BB-69D2 32.86 8.00 A new mouthpiece designed especially for the YBB/YCB-623 features a gently curved funnel-shaped interior and a deep cup for symphonic tone.