Pianica (P-37E)

(Re)Discover the Joy of Making Music

Soothing colors and simple design. Rich, mellow tone reminiscent of an accordion. If you haven’t played a musical instrument in ages, or never have but always wanted to, here’s an instrument that you need to explore. Play a few notes in your spare time to relax and enrich your day. It's never too late to take up a musical instrument, especially one that is as accessible as the Yamaha P-37E Pianica.

Pianica (P-37E)

Colors / Finishes

A musical instrument that is easy to play and can be played just about anywhere, with superbly balanced mellow tone from the lowest to highest notes. Convenient soft-case supplied. Available in black (P-37EBK) or brown (P-37EBR).


PTP-37E Extension Pipe Mouthpiece

Included with the P-37E Pianica, this extension pipe with mouthpiece can also be purchased separately either as a replacement or as an extra to share with a friend. The black color is an elegant match for the instrument, while the redesigned mouthpiece shape provides comfortable, fatigue-free playability.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.