Soprano ABS Resin Recorders

ABS recorders are durable and easy to care for while providing a tone similar to that of natural wood. Many schools throughout the world insist on Yamaha recorders thanks to their accurate intonation, easy playability, and rich expressive sound.


Possibly the world's most popular model, this recorder is easy to play and has a clear soft tone. It is ideal for school use. System: German (YRS-23), Baroque (YRS-24B), Windway: Straight *The picture shows YRS-24B.


The 300 series with their arched windways provide excellent playability and feature a sound that is surprisingly close to that of wooden recorders. And their intonation is impeccable. System: German (YRS-301III), Baroque (YRS-302BIII), Windway: Arch, Rottenburgh model *The picture shows YRS-301III.


The YRS-302BⅢ with a finish similar to Rosewood recorders. System: Baroque (YRS-312BIII), Windway: Arch, Rottenburgh model, simulated Rosewood finish *The picture shows YRS-311III.


The YRS-302BⅢ with a finish similar to Makassar Ebony recorders. System:Baroque (YRS-314BIII), Windway: Arch, Rottenburgh model, simulated Makassar ebony finish *The picture shows YRS-313III.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.