YSL-548GOAL Allegro Trombone

Included Accessories
Model Description
YAC SLC-380ALII Case for Allegro trombone
YAC SLL48 L48 large shank trombone mouthpiece
YAC 1020P Trombone slide cream.
YAC 1099P Untreated polish cloth; large
YAC 1665P Trombone cleaning rod
Optional Accessories
DH-TC-3400 Trombone/euphonium mouthpiece; facilitates good response and intonation for students and professionals alike.
YAC SLL48-GPR Trombone/euphonium mouthpiece; gold-plated rim through backbore; standard, well-balanced design for full range of orchestral tenor trombone parts.
YAC SLL48D Trombone/euphonium mouthpiece; balanced design but with deeper cup than 48 to facilitate rich, soft sound.
YAC SLL51 Trombone/euphonium mouthpiece; good for orchestral players, beginning bass trombonists and performers seeking dark, smooth tone.
YAC SLL51B Trombone/euphonium mouthpiece; tailored to the needs of 1st trombone and euphonium players.
YAC SLL51C4 Trombone/euphonium mouthpiece; answers orchestral needs for dark tone and good response.
YAC SLL51D Trombone/euphonium mouthpiece; specially designed for euphoniums, with pronounced cup depth for deep sound in hands of expert players.
YAC SLL52 Trombone/euphonium mouthpiece; larger rim diameter and cup volume than 51 for heavy, resonant sound by tenor trombone and euphonium players.
YAC SLL53 Trombone/euphonium mouthpiece; designed to facilitate large, full sound favored by orchestral players.
YAC 1351 Vinyl mouthpiece pouch; fits all low brass mouthpieces.
YAC 1375 Trombone gig bag; black Cordura nylon; 3/4" impact resistant foam; 2 handholds; shoulder strap.
YAC 1505G Trombone lyre; gold lacquer.
YAC 1505N Trombone lyre; nickel plated
YAC KB510 Trombone stand.
YAC MU-SL14S Trombone mute; straight; aluminum.
YAC MU-SL16S Trombone mute; aluminum with copper base.
YAC 080000 Yellow rotor string; 2 meters
YAC 1002P Rotor oil.
YAC 1021P Trombone slide oil
YAC 1011P Slide grease.
YAC 1012P Premium rotor oil.
YAC 1013P Rotor spindle oil.
YAC 1014P Lever oil.
YAC 1060 Lacquer polish.
YAC 1078P Vinyl-coated flexible cleaning rod; large.
YAC 1084P Brass mouthpiece brush.
YAC 1099P Untreated polishing cloth; large.
YAC 1100 Chamois-like polishing cloth.
YAC 1665P Trombone cleaning rod.
YAC 1670P Spray bottle.
YAC 1035P Maintenance kit; trombone; slide cream.
YAC 1036P Maintenance kit; trombone; liquid cream.
YAC EV-21 Educational video: Don Knaub, "Steps to Excellence"; trombone.
SB59C Trombone Silent Brass system
PM-5 Silent Brass mute only