Easily communicate with Yamaha power amplifiers in the network

The ACD1 Amplifier Control Device provides a convenient, reliable means to connect a computer running Yamaha's advanced NetworkAmp Manager II amplifier control and monitoring software to Yamaha Tn, PC1N, XP, XM and XH series power amplifiers. Up to 32 daisy-chained Tn and/or PC1N series amplifiers can be connected to the ACD1 DATA PORT connector via standard Ethernet cables, while as many as 8 XP, XM, and/or XH series amplifiers can be connected to individual MONITOR/REMOTE connectors via appropriate cables. That's a total of 40 power amplifiers via a single ACD1 unit. Yamaha's TXn power amplifiers connect directly to NetworkAmp Manager II via Ethernet, without the need for the ACD1, so you can simultaneously connect TXn amps and other Yamaha amplifiers connected via an ACD1 unit to a single computer by using a standard high-speed Ethernet switch.

Prameters list for controlling and monitoring

Controllable parameters: Tn/PC-1N: Power On / Stand-by, Attenuate, Mute, Input PolarityXP, XH, XM: Power On / Stand-by, Attenuate, Mute, Input PolarityParameters for monitoring:Tn/PC-1N: Input Level, Output Level, Output Clip, Load Impedance, Protection, Amp Mode, Heatsink Temp. XP, XH, XM: Output Level, Protection