Headphone Earpads

Includes two types of earpads to satisfy users of different aesthetic tastes and usage preferences.


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These leather earpads provide a well-contoured sound image and superior sound stage, with supple sheepskin of moderate moisture absorption and reduced mustiness. Perforated synthetic leather layered with well-ventilated mesh material comprise the inside, and jersey fabric for acoustic resistance covers the outer periphery - woven with 3D stitching for a snug fit.


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These suede earpads provide soft comfort and warm sound quality, gently cradling your ears for fatigue-free listening. The surface is made of TORAY Ultrasuede®, used in luxury automotive interior, and has an inside of well-ventilated mesh material, with three-dimensional stitching that fits snugly to the ear.

* The name Ultrasuede® is a registered trademark of Toray Industries, Inc.

Headphone Cable

All cables feature high-quality silver-coated OFC cable cores that preserve the original signal and a precision-weaved wire structure that results in excellent signal-to-noise transmission.


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Unbalanced 2-meter cable that preserves a sense of sonic unity. Fitted with 3.5 mm 3-pole plug with 6.3 mm conversion plug.


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Balanced 2-meter cable featuring high resolution and expansive sound field. Fitted with exceptionally reliable Pentaconn 4.4 mm plug.

Headphone Stand

Elegant headphone stand that enhances the beauty and value of the YH-5000SE.


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Features luxurious texture and excellent stability from aluminum cutting. The top portion has a smooth arched shape that gently supports the headphones.

Headphone Cable


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Balanced 2-meter cable with XLR connector featuring high resolution and expansive sound field. Fitted with exceptionally reliable Neutrik XLR plug.