MusicCast is the easy way to stream your favorite music services and play music throughout your entire house!

MusicCast speakers, receivers, sound bars and Hi-Fi components (including a turntable!) give you the flexibility to create a personalized music, TV or gaming experience.

Down To Stream

Using the MusicCast App you can stream from popular music services, listen to downloads or music from your computer or other devices. Listen to your favorites or discover new music!

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Connect with your MusicCast devices

Connect With Your Music

Play to MusicCast devices through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, or Spotify Connect. With so many ways to get to your content, the only thing not an option is a quiet home.

Connect with your MusicCast devices
App image on mobile device - mobile
App image on mobile device

Yes You Can

Take control of all the audio equipment in your home. The MusicCast controller App lets you customize your music. Create favorites, link rooms, switch content sources, adjust sound EQ and more. Geek out on a plethora of settings.

Let's Talk

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Take your pick: your favorite voice assistant, whether it's Alexa, Google or Siri, can control a MusicCast speaker and entire MusicCast systems. Use simple voice commands to play music, link rooms and more.

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Airplay 2 streaming ability - mobile

AirPlay 2

Hey Siri. Play my favorites in the kitchen and living room.

AirPlay 2 adds the ability to stream your music to multiple MusicCast devices throughout your home. Easily control it from your iPhone or iPad, link it with a HomePod, or simply ask Siri for an assist.

Airplay 2 streaming ability
Concert Hall Pianos
Concert Hall Pianos

Turn Your Home Into A Concert Hall

Imagine "playing" a piano just by talking to it. With a Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE™ connected to a MusicCast system, the MusicCast skill lets you control your piano with your voice and have it play music not only in the living room, but throughout the whole home. It's truly magical.

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