MODX OS v2.5 adds 32 new Performances focusing on the newly added FM-X Smart Morph feature. With more content, expanded synthesis capabilities and compatibility enhancements, MODX OS v2.5 introduces a new dimension to sound creation.

Smart Morph

Smart Morph is a new feature for morphing FM-X sounds.

A sophisticated A.I. algorithm “learns” FM-X sounds assigned to Parts 9 to 16 and plots each sound as a point on a visual control map.FM parameters are assigned to three color coded points designated as “Red”, “Green” and “Blue” and then touching “Learn”. The algorithm then creates interpolated FM-X sounds from Parts 9-16 and the results of the Smart Morph appear in Part 1.

Points are able to be directly drawn on the touchscreen within the new Smart Morph control map. Assigning motion between any two points to control with the Super Knob for expressive morphing the FM-X sound is also possible. Smart Morph is a powerful tool for creating new FM-X sounds.

New Performances

MODX OS v2.5 adds 32 new Performances all highlighting the new Smart Morph feature. Created by an international team of top sound designers, these Performances offer lots of unique variation possibilities with Smart Morph.

MONTAGE/MODX Compatibility Enhancements

MODX has been able to load MONTAGE User (.X7U) and Library (.X7L) files. Now with MONTAGE OS v3.5, MONTAGE can now load MODX User (.X8U) and Library (.X8L) files. Leave MONTAGE in the studio, take MODX on the road (or visa versa), and be reissured that MONTAGE and MODX can now freely exchange User and Library files with ease.


MONTAGE and MODX have always been control-friendly and each OS update adds more control possibilities.

Tap Tempo assign to FS2

Foot Switch assignments are globally set under [UTILITY]/Settings/MIDI I/O. Here, MIDI control numbers and hardware-specific controls can be assigned: Arp Switch On/Off, MS (Motion Sequence) Switch On/, Sequencer Play/Stop, Live Set +, Live Set – and Octave Reset. With MODX OS v2.5, Tap Tempo is added. This is a nice feature for live performance - making it easy to control the tempo of the Pattern Sequencer or set a tempo delay effect to sync with a live band, all hands-free.

DAW Remote

MONTAGE added DAW Remote in a previous update. MODX OS v2.5 adds this feature as well allowing control of DAW software like Cubase, Logic, Live & ProTools. This DAW Remote feature also controls the DAW transport, DAW track status (select/mute/solo), control of effect and virtual instrument plug-ins. There is a hybrid DAW control mode that allows access to important top-level MONTAGE and MODX parameters while still maintaining DAW transport control with the dedicated transport buttons.


New features expand Pattern Sequencer workflow and creative options.

New Sequencer Features

Snappier Operation: The Pattern Sequencer is faster and more precise overall. Everything feels better!

Add Parts during Record or Playback: Select instruments while recording for uninterrupted creativity.


Overdub Controllers: MODX OS v2.5 adds real-time overdubbing to record your Controller actions while deleting previous Controller events. This is especially useful for adding or replacing Super Knob movements into the Pattern. Don’t like the Super Knob motion you recorded into the track? Just overdub a new one. It’s just that simple.


Normalize PlayFX by Scene: PlPlayFX let you customize the feel of a track. Once you get a feel you like, you can write those changes (Normalize) directly to the track. Before MODX OS v2.5, Normalize applied to all Scenes in a Pattern. Now you can Normalize Play FX on a Scene-by-Scene basis. This is great for comparing or evolving grooves as part of a composition or performance.


Improved Pattern Chain: Pattern Chain is a way to create songs and arrangements from Pattern Scenes. Once you create your Pattern Scenes, you can determine the playback order and repeats. The new MODX OS v2.5 feature lets you store the Pattern Chain with the Performance. You can also switch Pattern Chain on or off directly for Pattern or Linear playback.


Undo on all Screens: “Undo” is available on the main screen, Overview screen and on all the Pattern Edit/Job screens. This greatly improves workflow.


New Edit Jobs

Erase Specific Events: Remove specific events from your track with MODX OS v2.5. The Erase Event Job “Event Type” allows you to erase specific events like aftertouch, pitch bend, system exclusive, continuous controllers and more.


Get Phrase All: Get Phrase Job lets you move sections of a MIDI file into a Pattern Track. MODX OS v2.5 adds the ability to get ALL tracks in addition to individual tracks.


Change Parameters via graphics

There are some nice [UTILITY]/Settings UI enhancements that speed up workflow:


Quick Setup: Touching directly on the “Local Control” switch graphic turns local control on or off. Touching on the “USB Volume” encoder icon switches directly to the Audio I/O/USB Volume control adjustment. Touching on either of the “Monitor Volume” Main or Assign encoder icons switches directly to the Performance Edit/Common/Audio/USB Monitor control adjustment for that Performance.


Audio I/O: Same functionality as listed above in Quick Setup for both USB Volume and Monitor Volume Main and Assign.


MIDI I/O: Same Functionality as listed above in Quick Setup for Local Control.

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