YM-6100 5 Octave Artist Model Rosewood Marimba


  • Exclusive Yamaha tuning method ensures true pitch and full sound.
  • Rosewood bars produce a high quality, traditional sound.
  • Cut-away designed resonators, featuring a 3-position tracking system, allow resonator height adjustment for pitch and tone control and provide additional strength while reducing overall instrument weight.
  • Forward facing, tunable resonators allow for easy fine-tuning, pitch and tone control of the lower register.
  • Nut/bolt and welded resonators with denser alloys and thicker walls maximize the tone and ensure rattle-free play
  • Redesigned, strengthened suspension cord is 13 times stronger than the standard cord.
  • Graduated bars produce a full tone and projection throughout the instrument's range.
  • Height adjustable frame with pneumatic struts allows one person to easily adjust the height to a comfortable playing position.
  • Hinged resonators and rails, along with a two-piece crossbar, make tear down a simple task.
  • Oversized 4" casters allow for easy transport over rough surfaces.