Digital Piano Controller

Now even easier to see the Voices to select! Listen to the demo songs — try out new sounds

You can select Yamaha Digital Piano onboard Voices by looking at the colorful instrument images on-screen. The app lets you read about the characteristics of each Voice and gives advice on their use, providing demo songs for you to listen to that use these Voices, in order to freely challenge yourself to try out Voices you've never used before. You can also listen to the demo songs in the application itself. First, get the Digital Piano Controller and experience the world view that it provides.

Settings made simple

Touch the screen to set up "Dual" mode (layering two different Voices together), Metronome, or other functions in a simple and intuitive manner. Selections can be made smoothly by checking the "song name" on the song screen and the "type name" on the reverb setting screen.

*There are functions that is not supported by some model.

Save your favorite sound settings in the app to take along anywhere

Favorite sound settings that you use frequently can be saved in the app. The app makes it convenient to load your favorite sound settings with a single touch at daily practice,live performances or parties.