SVB-100 Silent Bass


Yamaha Silent Bass series offers bassists a choice of three models, which feature body and pickup systems designed to bring out the best tone from each instrument. The SLB-200LTD (Limited Edition), and SVB-200 (Pro) are performance-oriented basses designed with a light and compact body that makes transport to and from the gig simple & easy. The hollow-body design and internally mounted pickup system deliver a pizzicato that is solid, rich and realistic, and fits naturally into any jazz or pop setting. The SVB-100 offers a solid-body, compact design that creates a thick, rich bass sound, with the option to use headphones. All three models can be easily bowed.

"Yamaha has always been synonymous with highest quality and consistency. Having played my beloved instruments for all these years, I know first hand how they never rest on their laurels, always seeking to improve, with great success. Their support throughout the world and their unsurpassed craftsmanship has made them an important part of my everyday life as a musician."

— Chris Minh Doky, jazz bassist

Convenient Portability

The SV-100 features a detachable frame that provides excellent support and comfort when playing but are easily removed for transport. The SVB-100 is designed to break down and fit into a compact case which can be carried comfortably using a shoulder strap.


The Silent Bass's Volume & Tone controls provide straightforward control over the instrument's tone while its active electronics offer plug-and-play operation without the need for external pre-amplification. The SVB-100 also includes an auxiliary volume control for the Aux-In jack.