YVS-120 Alto Venova

Breathe music into your life with Venova

The Venova is a new type of wind instrument that's fun to play and sounds like a saxophone.

Easy to learn, easy to play

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Water washable so it’s easy to clean
  • Simple fingering similar to recorders

A real instrument

  • Rich, expressive tone that plays and sounds like a saxophone
  • Fully chromatic two octave range

YVS-120 (Alto Venova)

  • Play your favorite tunes with the smooth voice of the Alto Venova
  • Larger than the original YVS-100, the Alto Venova has a lower pitch and is even easier for beginners to start playing

YVS-120 Alto Venova

The Alto Venova is a fun new instrument with a larger body and an alto saxophone mouthpiece to produce a lower and more mellow sound. Great for beginners and more experienced players alike.

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