YOB-841 Custom Oboe

Level Custom
Key of C
Key System Full Conservatoire
Bore Style American
Octave Keys Semi-automatic
Mechanical Features Left-hand F key; Fork F resonance key; 'Philadelphia D key'
Upper joint material Grenadilla
Lower joint material Grenadilla
Bell Material Grenadilla
Key Material Nickel Silver
Plating Silver
Tone Holes Undercut with conical uppercuts
Thumb Rest Fixed
Trill Keys Low B - C# ; low C - Db ; C# - D# ; D# - E ; F# - G# ; G# - A ; Ab - Bb ; A# - B ; B - C# ; left C - D; right C - D
Spring Type Blue Steel
Cork 19
Pads 3
Options King-rosewood body (YOB-841K); 3rd octave key (YOB-841T); Ebonite lined upper joint (YOB-841L)