Keyboard Encounters Kids

Learn to Play Piano

It's All About Kids

Keyboard Encounters Kids is a group music program tailored to kids 7-9 years old, a great age for learning how to play the piano.

  • Classes feature music reading, ensemble playing and singing - with an emphasis on having fun!
  • Kids begin playing the very first day.

It Makes You Smarter!

  • Studies show that playing music helps kids excel in math, reading and verbal skills and score better on math tests than kids without a music education; high school seniors with music experience score higher on the S.A.T.
  • Playing music helps develop coordination, timing and memory.
  • It's Fun In A Group
  • Most recorded and live music is performed in groups (bands, orchestras, jazz trios)
  • Children like being in a group, where they make new friends and learn from each other.
  • Students establish an excellent sense of rhythm in a group.
  • Kids try harder in a group, where there's subtle peer pressure.
  • Playing with a group build self-confidence.

It's Successful

  • Yamaha has been teaching people around the world how to play keyboards since 1954. Millions of kids - and adults - have learned from Yamaha group programs. Many have even become professional musicians.
  • Students benefit from five decades of Yamaha group-teaching development worldwide.
  • Yamaha created Keyboard Encounters Kids in America based on 30 years of teaching experience in the U.S.
  • When students complete Keyboard Encounters Kids, they can move directly into Keyboard Encounters and continue their education without skipping a beat.

It's Got The Clavinova™ Advantage

Keyboard Encounters Kids play Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos. The Clavinova Advantage is an incomparable mix of powerful product features and a whole lot of fun.

  • Cool accompaniments and hundreds of instrument voices make learning more interactive and exciting.
  • The Clavinova maintains the traditional acoustic piano touch and tone that make Yamaha pianos world-class.
  • Over 500 universities and schools throughout the U.S. have embraced the Clavinova for its perfect balance of musical integrity and educational features.

Find out more about Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos by clicking here.

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