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About Yamaha

Yamaha has been teaching music to children and adults around the world for over 50 years and creating world-class musical instruments for well over 100 years. Many students of Yamaha educational programs have become professional musicians and music teachers; the majority have discovered in music something just as important as a career-a lifelong source of enjoyment that is also a positive, creative avenue of expression. Yamaha measures its success by both of these groups, as each fulfill the company's goal of enriching lives through music.

A Unique Program

If you've ever dreamed of breezing through a Beatles hit or romancing that special someone with a classic ballad, you'll love Yamaha QuickPlay. It's a group piano course for people who want to play but don't want to hassle with traditional lessons and the steep learning curve, or don't think they have any musical talent. We guarantee you'll start playing piano in the very first session! In fact, you'll play two all-time favorites songs. In each following session, you'll add two more pieces to your repertoire and participate in improvisations and other musical activities with classmates. By the end of the three 4-week segments of this Yamaha introductory piano course, you'll even be able to read music.

Light Years Ahead

How can we guarantee to turn you from a musical novice to a player in no time? We literally light the way. Just as each of us learned to speak and sing before we could read, Yamaha QuickPlay enables you to play without struggling through the complexities of written music. QuickPlay is made possible by the Yamaha Clavinova® CVP digital piano, an instrument with truly extraordinary powers. Lights above every key guide you confidently through all the musical compositions as the Clavinova accompanies you with professional, fully-orchestrated arrangements provided by exclusive Yamaha StarLIGHTS™ software. You'll be amazed at how good you sound right away.

Play For Life

The goal of QuickPlay is to start you on a lifetime of enjoyable music making. The class, and the Clavinova, may be all you want or need for a satisfying musical experience. Or, they may whet your appetite for more. If that's the case, Yamaha has you covered with another fun course, a more in-depth approach to music called Keyboard Encounters. There's plenty of time to explore that later; just remember there's a plan to help your musical abilities grow—if you choose. For now, have fun with QuickPlay! They don't call it "playing" music for nothing.

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"I just sat down and started playing piano. I'd never played before. The lights on the instrument got me going and by the end of the first sessions I was reading music-and playing piano! It's addictive." -QuickPlay student