Yamaha Pro Audio Education and Training Expands with New "Audioversity" Initiative

BUENA PARK, Calif. (November 9, 2018) — Training seminars conducted by Yamaha Professional Audio sales subsidiaries around the world will consolidate under a new "Audioversity" banner and be expanded upon for even greater reach and effectiveness. Over the years the company has introduced an impressive variety of digital mixing consoles, speakers, amplifiers, and many other products to the professional audio market. Always proactive in developing and maintaining education and training programs that provide the information and know-how customers need to make the most of these products, more than 80 specialists at 19 regional offices around the world are available 24/7 to provide education and training for customers ideally matched to their specific locations.
For more than a quarter of a century, training seminars have been the backbone of the company's relationship building with customers. The Y-DACC (Yamaha Digital Audio Creative Center) was established in Tokyo in 1990 to allow customers to spend hands-on time with products while directly experiencing their functionality and sound. Beginning in the year 2000, similar facilities were established around the world including Asia, Europe, North America, and other locales. Yamaha product specialists are also dispatched to dealers and event venues to conduct seminars that focus on practical training. More recently, a great deal of effort has been focused on providing web-based online seminars. Through these types of activities, the company has reached approximately 100,000 people in more than 50 countries.
A comprehensive range of self-training content is also available on the Yamaha Pro Audio website. Product setup and operation guides, audio networking basics, system design information, and other essential knowledge is available on videos and in documents provided in multiple languages. Catalogs, technical specifications, and owner's manuals are also available in multiple languages. The group also offers CAD data and simulation tools as well to facilitate system design.
Select staff at worldwide locations provides pre and post installation support in corresponding languages. Experts are available to offer proposals for installations under consideration providing assistance and system checkups when required for completed installations. These proposals are based on close communication and a deep understanding of customer needs as well as the products and systems involved.
In recent years, the Yamaha Professional Audio product lineup has grown to cover digital audio networks and commercial installations in addition to live sound, broadcast, and production applications. Because of this growth, Yamaha is in contact with a broader range of users as products and solutions evolve and diversify, placing unprecedented importance on education and training activities.
The new Yamaha Audioversity banner symbolizes a new, more deeply involved era of education and training that will lead to increased satisfaction and confidence for customers as well as a brighter future for the pro audio industry as a whole.
"With the breathtaking pace of change in the pro audio world, manufacturers have a responsibility to do much more than simply release new products," states Yoshi Tsugawa, General Manager, Yamaha Pro Audio division Japan. "Through our Audioversity initiative, we will be able to provide ongoing added value for the systems our customers need and depend on and, hopefully, in cooperation with everyone involved in the pro audio industry play a role in driving the industry forward into the future."
It is the Yamaha Professional Audio division goal to spread the knowledge and technology required for skillful operation of the most evolved audio equipment and communication networks via Audioversity in order to deliver the best possible sound and music for people everywhere. The new Audioversity logo has been designed to embody that concept with a motif that symbolizes sound transmission and equalization as well as the dynamics of sound and music and how those elements create connections between devices and people.
"Yamaha training seminars have been an invaluable tool at Southeast Christian Church that has advanced our knowledge of not only consoles, but the entire Yamaha ecosystem," states Paul Holladay, Technical Director, Southeast Christian Church (USA). "Our audio engineers who might be new to Yamaha gained a quick proficiency that has allowed them to excel in providing an exceptional worship experience. These training seminars have also empowered our seasoned veterans with new tools and features that elevate their already remarkable skills. Through Yamaha, we have been able to take full advantage of our investment throughout our many campuses."
Yamaha trainers have a wealth of knowledge on the product line, and really highlight some of the unique features of the company's product," states Pete O'Neil, Director of Diversified AVE Engineering West (USA). They also conducted a deep dive on DSP programming with our field engineering team. The Yamaha training has helped us successfully implement systems in two US major league stadium venues and continues to reinforce our support of the Yamaha digital console line. The quality of the training efforts and responsiveness is greatly appreciated from the integrators perspective."