Headphone Accessories

Yamaha HXC-SC020

HXC-SC020 New

Balanced 2-meter cable with XLR connector.

Yamaha HUC-SC020

HUC-SC020 New

Unbalanced cable with 3.5 mm 3-piece plug.

Yamaha HBC-SC020

HBC-SC020 New

Balanced cable with Pentaconn 4.4 mm plug.

Yamaha HEP-5000LE

HEP-5000LE New

Leather earpads for YH-5000SE.

Yamaha HEP-5000SU

HEP-5000SU New

Suade earpads for YH-5000SE.

Yamaha HST-5000

HST-5000 New

Headphone stand dedicated to YH-5000SE.

Charging Cradle

Yamaha CC-T1A

CC-T1A New

USB Type-C charging cradle.

Color Variation Available Other Colors Available

Accessory for iPod


YIT-W10 is a wireless transmitter designed for iPod or iPhone series. YIT-W10 employs the Yamaha "yAired" technology to establish a wireless connection with another Yamaha product that supports "yAired" and enables playback of the iPod or iPhone on your Yamaha product.


The YDS-CBL15 is ideal for installations where a Yamaha dock will be placed a longer distance away from the connected device. This 15 foot extended length cable replaces the supplied 6.5 foot YDS-12, YDS-11, YDS-10, or YBA-10 cable

Dust Cover

Yamaha DVC-5000


Protect your GT-5000 against dust, scratches and spills with the custom-designed DCV-5000 turntable lid. Perfectly complementing the luxurious finish of the 5000 Series, the DCV-5000 is an essential part of your turntable setup.



The YRB-100 sound reflection boards are designed for use with Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors in environments where a wall or walls are not available to provide an optimal bounce area for the sound beams. Includes a set of two sound boards.



Safely and easily mount the Yamaha YSP-4300, YSP-3300, YSP-2700 and YSP-2500 Digital Sound Projectors to the wall with this optional bracket. If you have a wall mounted flat panel unit, this is the best way to ensure perfect placement of your multi-beam speaker system.

Lamp Cartridge


Use this Cartridge to replace the Lamp on DPX-1000 DLP Projectors


Use this Cartridge to replace the Lamp on DPX-1100/1200/1300 DLP Projectors


Use this Cartridge to replace the Lamp on LPX-510 LCD Projectors


Use this cartridge to replace the lamp on LPX-500 LCD projectors.