YH-G01 Gaming Headset

YH-G01 Gaming Headset

Featuring studio-quality sound and a high-performance condenser microphone, this gaming headset is lightweight and comfortable, making it ideal for long hours of immersive game play.

Featuring studio-quality sound and a high-quality condenser microphone, this gaming headset is lightweight and ultra-comfortable, making it ideal for long hours of immersive game play.

  • Perfect for gaming, live streaming and web/telecon calls
  • With boom mic detached, doubles as all-purpose headphones
  • Studio-quality sound
  • Lightweight yet durable construction (only 9.2 ounces)
  • Comfortable to wear with mesh earpads and moderate side-pressure
  • High-quality condenser microphone with flexible boom
  • Standard 3.5mm TRRS plug with Y-adapter included


Image of YH-G01 Gaming Headset

While designed with gaming and live streaming in mind, the YH-G01 is a great all-purpose headset that can be used for as wide range of applications, such as web/telecon calls, broadcast production, film sets and theater production.

The boom mic detaches easily, allowing it to double as all-purpose over-ear headphones that can be used for listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks, or watching videos.


Image showing Yamaha YH-G01 Gaming Headset Cushions

The YH-G01 design concept is centered around long hours of continuous, comfortable usage due to its lightweight construction, moderate side pressure on your head and face, and mesh earpads that reduce moisture considerably. Even the sound quality adheres to this pursuit of comfort over extended durations of use by keeping high and low frequencies in a well-balanced mix that is easy on your ears.


Image showing a face of a man from side wearing Yamaha YH-G01 Gaming Headset

The high-quality condenser microphone of the YH-G01 can be positioned optimally for a focused, clear extraction of your voice that will be delivered to your chat partner or audience free of unwanted, ambient noise. Condenser microphones are often used by audio professionals for their precise vocal recording capabilities making them ideal for providing a comfortable conversational audio experience for you as well as the people you are communicating with.

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