Commercial Installed Sound

An Advanced Remote Conferencing Environment

“We need maximum clarity and intelligibility for remote conferencing, plus measures to prevent the conference from being overheard.”

These capabilities are vital in modern offices, financial institutions, medical facilities, and more. The system described here is a good start. Although remote conferencing is a rapidly growing mode of communication, echoes caused by audio feedback and otherwise impaired intelligibility are still common problems. Yamaha’s highly advanced MRX7-D features an Acoustic Echo Canceller function that effectively suppresses echoes even if speaker output is picked up by microphones in the room, eliminating echoes and dropouts in both directions. Add VXL1 slim line array speakers that offer outstanding clarity, and you have a system that achieves excellent intelligibility for smooth, effortless communication. The MRX7-D also includes a Speech Privacy function that feeds a special masking signal to speakers installed in the hallway outside the conference room, making it impossible for outsiders to eavesdrop on the proceedings.