Commercial Installed Sound

An Easy Approach to Enjoyable BGM

“We’d like to provide enjoyable background music in our shop, but don’t know much about audio equipment.”

Here’s an ideal solution for a small café or restaurant that we recommend for customers in this type of situation. In order to create a comfortable, agreeable environment of this sort, attention should be paid to both sonic and visual quality. Compact speakers like the VXS1ML and VXS3F can be mounted on walls or ceiling, adding a touch of class to any décor with their uniquely refined form. They have also been specially tuned to deliver full musical nuance and impact even at low volume and thereby eliciting the greatest atmospheric contribution from the music used. The MA2030a is a stylish mixer amplifier that can be easily used without any prior audio experience. All you need to get started is the MA2030a, VXS series speakers, and a music source of your choosing. You can add a microphone for announcements and small events if necessary, easily broadening the scope of your business. Refer to Example 1. You can increase the number of speakers the system is capable of driving by adding a PA2030a power amplifier to cover a larger or more complex area. In a larger speaker system of this sort it becomes possible to add VXS3FT models and in-ceiling VXC3F models as appropriate to location and décor. Refer to Example 2.


MA/PA Series

Lo-Z/Hi-Z switchable Class-D amplifiers that provide a smart, simple audio solution for any small to mid-sized applications.

VXS Series F model

VXS Series "F model"

VXS-F compact surface-mount speakers feature attractive, discreet design and premium sound tuning for refined background music in elegant spaces.

VXS Series M model

VXS Series "M model"

VXS series “M models” combine sophisticated sound and design in compact surface-mount speakers that will make a significant contribution to the most refined, elegant spaces.

VXS Series "S model"

VXS series "S models" are subwoofers that ideally complement the expressive natural sound of VXS and VXC series speakers.

Yamaha Low-profile ceiling speaker VXC Series "F model"

VXC Series "F model"

VXC series "F model" low-profile ceiling speakers can easily adapt to the strictest installation limitations, ensuring superb audio performance wherever they’re placed.

Control Panel

Dedicated remote controllers for MTX/MRX and MA/PA series devices.

Other Examples