Music Lab Controller

Control. Versatility. Clarity.

Learn about how the MLC-200 Music Lab Controller can make your classroom teaching more efficient than ever before.

This ultimate lab system delivers crystal-clear digital audio, putting unprecedented control in the hands of music educators.

Powerful listening options

The MLC-200 gives you the ultimate flexibility to control what you hear and what your students hear. For example, you can work one-on-one with a student even if they're sitting at the far end of the room. Then with the push of a button, you can hear every student playing at the same time.

Dedicated app for managing your class

The ML Touch app lets you to manage your classroom via an iPad. Being in control of the system from anywhere in the room gives you the freedom to go wherever you need, without being tethered to the teacher instrument. Automatically take attendance at the beginning of a class so you can get started teaching right away.

Explore the app in offline mode before you purchase.


Designed to let teachers teach.


Everything you need for one teacher to manage 8 student instruments...


Interface for the Yamaha Music Laboratory System.

  • Compatible with Audinate's Dante audio network standard.
  • Achieves high sound quality and smooth communication.
  • Attachment can be used to connect to a desk and to the leg of a Yamaha digital piano as well.
  • Can be placed without taking up space.

ML Touch app for iPad

Exclusive iPad app provides the convenience of a wireless touch-screen for accessing every feature of the MLC-200.

MRX7-D Signal Processor

Dante digital mixer controlled by the MLTouch iPad app.

SWR2100P-10G L2 Switch

Ethernet switch provides PoE (power over ethernet) to all of the MLA-200 interfaces. One SWR2100P-10G is required for every 8 students in the lab.

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