CPX Series

Body Depth and Bracing Pattern

The medium-jumbo body CPX delivers an open, modern tone with powerful, rich low end, smooth, delicate highs and sweet, open mids.

CPX Sound Hole

The conventional, round CPX sound hole focuses the midrange while controlling bass for a direct, powerful sound.

Electric System: Piezo Pickup for CPX600

This pickup uses individual elements for each string to give an ultra-clear, ultra-wide bandwidth signal with far better dynamic response and tonal accuracy than a regular piezo pickup.

Electric System: A.R.T. for CPX700II

The A.R.T. pickup is designed with a multilayer structure consisting of six layers of different materials.

Because the pickups are fitted directly beneath the top board and capture sound from both the guitar’s top and the air inside the body, the natural resonance of the guitar is faithfully reproduced.