Genos2 Arranger Workstation New

Name English English
Genos2 Owner's Manual [9.1MB]
Genos2 Reference Manual [9.4MB]
Genos2 Data List [903KB]
Smart Device Connection Manual for Android [150KB]
Smart Device Connection Manual for iPhone/iPad (iPhone/iPad Connection Manual) [1.5MB]
Computer-related Operations (language selectable) [English]
Genos2 Owner's Manual (Text Version) [174KB]
Genos2 Reference Manual (Text Version) [187KB]
Genos2 Voice Guide Tutorial Manual (Text Version) [7KB]
Audio Phraser Installation Guide [282KB]
Audio Phraser Owner's Manual [1.4MB]
MEGAEnhancer Owner's Manual [568KB]
MIDI Song to Style Owner's Manual [4.1MB]
Yamaha Expansion Manager Installation Guide [53KB]
Yamaha Expansion Manager Owner's Manual [1.5MB]

GENOS2 Brochure

Name English English
Cubase Patch Name Script for Genos2 [22KB]
Voice Guide File for Genos2 [582.7MB]
Voice List for MIDI Song to Style [106KB]
Compatible USB Device List for Genos2 [36KB]