Simple L2 Network switch with PoE

Yamaha has used its knowledge of both IT and pro audio to provide "SWR2100P series" simple L2 switch that has been optimized for networked audio installations. The switch can take advantage of "Yamaha LAN Monitor" a dedicated computer application that provides 'network visibility' for comprehensive monitoring and control.

SWR2100P-10G L2 Switch

Ethernet switch provides PoE (power over ethernet) to all of the MLA-200 interfaces. One SWR2100P-10G is required for every 8 students in the lab.

SWR2100P-5G L2 Switch

The SWR2100P series network switch equipped with five RJ45 ports.

  • Ports available for PoE power supply: 1-4 / Up link port: 5 port
  • Maximum 30W can be supplied from each PoE-compliant port (All ports 70W)


Rack mount accessory for SWR series switces

  • Dimensions: 19" Wide / 482.6 mm x 11.8" Deep / 300mm x 1.7" High / 44mm
  • Weight 3.75lbs / 1.7kg
  • NOT available for SWR2310-18GT / SWR2310-28GT

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.