VST Rack Pro

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VST Rack Elements V1.5 Plug-in Reference [731KB]
VST Rack Elements V1.5 Plug-in Reference (HTML) [English]
VST Rack Elements V1.5 User's Guide [1023KB]
VST Rack Elements V1.5 User's Guide (HTML) [English]
VST Rack Pro Plug-in Reference [8.9MB]
VST Rack Pro Plug-in Reference (HTML) [English]
VST Rack Pro User's Guide [989KB]
VST Rack Pro User's Guide (HTML) [English]
VST Rack Pro/VST Rack Elements Plug-in List [268KB]

1. Download and install Steinberg Download Assistant

To download and activate VST Rack Pro, use Steinberg Download Assistant.

Select and download either the Windows or the Mac version as appropriate for your computer.

Once the download has finished, launch the installer to install Steinberg Download Assistant.

- Windows

Right-click the .exe file and select “Run as administrator.”

- Mac

Double-click the .dmg file and select “Steinberg Download Assistant Setup.”

Steinberg Download Assistant

2. Registering as a MySteinberg user

Once the download has finished and you’ve launched Steinberg Download Assistant, your computer will connect to the Internet.

Click on the Sign in button to open the “MySteinberg” Sign In page.

You must register as a user to activate your VST Rack Pro product license, receive support-related information and so on.

If you do not have a Steinberg ID, please create a MySteinberg account.

You will see an authentication screen asking for permission to open the Steinberg Download Assistant in your browser. Once you approve this request, you’ll be able to use Steinberg Download Assistant.

Launch Steinberg Download Assistant again and search for the latest versions of Steinberg Download Assistant and eLicenser Control Center.

If any updates are available, you will be asked to install them.

3. Registering your download access code and activating the software

Enter your download access code from the button at the top left in Steinberg Download Assistant.

Click here and then input your download access code and the serial number of your RUio16-D.

The download access code is printed on VST Rack Pro Download Information sheet in the product box.

The serial number is found on the back of the unit and on the product box.




Once you’ve entered the code and the number, the VST Rack Pro activation code appears.

Click the “Activate” button to launch eLicenser Control Center. Your activation code will automatically be pasted into the input box.

By continuing, the license on your computer is activated in a soft-eLicenser.

4. Downloading VST Rack Pro

Open the [My Products] tab to view your activated products. The file download links are shown on the right side.

In addition to software files, VST Rack Pro includes preset samples created by highly experienced engineers.

Since these samples contain useful and effective settings, you can use them as-is or as starting points to tweak as you like.

Download the preset samples as necessary in the same way as with the software files.

Note: Although you can use Steinberg Download Assistant to download installers for which activation codes haven’t been issued, you cannot use them without an activation code.

4. Downloading VST Rack Pro