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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get if I win this competition?

The Yamaha Young Performing Artists Program (YYPA) recognizes outstanding young musicians from the world of classical, jazz and contemporary music. Winners of this competition will be invited to attend an all-expense paid weekend at the Music for All™ Summer Symposium, receive a once in a lifetime performance opportunity in front of thousands, national press coverage, receive a recording and photos of the live performance, and participate in workshops designed to launch a professional music career. Winners also will enjoy many of the privileges of a Yamaha Artist, including services and communication with Yamaha's Artist Relations department.

Is there only one winner per instrument category?

Not necessarily. Our panel of judges reviews the applications, and is asked to choose the most promising of players. On any given year, they may decide that no one is quite at the level that they expect of a YYPA Winner for a particular instrument. This competition does not just pick the best of those who audition, it also requires that the winners be above a certain level of musicianship.

What if I turn 18 the year of the competition, but it is after the time of Application entry?

In order to be fair to all of our applicants, you must be 18 at the time of Application entry. If you are not old enough to participate this year, please wait until next year and apply at that time. As long as you are between the ages of 18 and 22 at the time of your entry, you are eligible for the competition.

May I apply for the competition more than once?

You are encouraged to apply for the YYPA competition every year that you are eligible; however you can only win one time. A completed, separate application is necessary if an applicant wishes to apply for both classical and jazz, or on multiple instruments within the same year.

Do I have to play a Yamaha instrument to apply?

It is not necessary for an applicant to play Yamaha instruments to be considered. The make/model of their instrument has no bearing on how the application is judged.