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All the World's YOUR Stage

When it comes to portable live sound solutions, it just doesn't get any better than STAGEPAS. With more power, more features, improved functionality, and even better sound, Yamaha's all-in-one PA systems continue the STAGEPAS legacy of providing everything you need to transform any environment into your own stage.

STAGEPAS 600i/400i

The STAGEPAS features two sleek, lightweight speakers and a detachable powered mixer, along with one pair of speaker cables and a power cord, giving you a complete, extremely portable sound solution that can be set up quickly and easily in a variety of configurations and environments.

Key Features

Ultimate portability

Compact and light enough to carry by hand, STAGEPAS is an all-in-one PA system that you can take literally anywhere.

High Power, High Quality Sound

Delivering 680 and 400 watts of power respectively, the STAGEPAS 600i and 400i offer serious performance for a PA of this size, allowing you to meet the demands of a wide range of situations. What's more, the speaker design lets you deliver evenly-distributed, high-quality sound to a very wide coverage area, so that the entire audience shares the same sonic experience.

Professional Functions

The STAGEPAS was designed to offer high quality sound, simply and quickly to let you do what you do best. Whether you're giving a speech or playing a gig, STAGEPAS is equipped with intelligent new features that provide simple, intuitive control of optimized settings, making it easy to dial in your perfect sound in a matter of seconds.

SPX digital reverb

1-Knob Master EQ™

Feedback suppressor


How to set-up

How to use



System Type Powered mixer with 2 passive speakers Powered mixer with 2 passive speakers
Mixing channels 10 8
Analog inputs 4 mono mic / line + 6 mono / 3 stereo line 4 mono mic / line + 4 mono / 2 stereo line
Digital inputs USB Audio IN: iPod / iPhone exclusive USB Audio IN: iPod / iPhone exclusive
Channel EQ 3-band (HIGH Shelving: 8kHz, MID peaking: 2.5kHz, LOW Shelving: 100Hz) 2-band (HIGH Shelving: 8kHz, LOW Shelving: 100Hz)
Power Rating (Dynamic) 680W (340W + 340W) 400W (200W + 200W)
Speaker Transducers LF: 10" (25cm) cone, HF: 1.4" (3.56cm) voice coil compression driver LF: 8" (20cm) cone, HF: 1" (2.54cm) voice coil compression driver
Dimensions (W x H x D) Speaker: 335 x 545 x 319mm, Mixer: 348 x 197 x 135mm Speaker: 289 x 472 x 275mm, Mixer: 308 x 180 x 116mm
Net Weight 25.4kg / 56.0lb (2 x Speaker 10.8kg + Mixer 3.8kg) 17.8kg / 39.2lb (2 x Speaker 7.5kg + Mixer 2.8kg)