TransAcoustic™ Piano TC3

TransAcoustic™ Piano

TransAcoustic™ pianos are genuine acoustic pianos, equipped with a volume control feature powered by Yamaha’s latest technology. While it’s also possible to play silently through headphones, the TransAcoustic™ Mode allows you to control the volume of your piano, so you can play without disturbing others. Even at low volumes, the soundboard vibrates so you can enjoy the full, physical sensation of natural acoustic sound as you play.

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GREAT WAYS TO ENJOY THE TransAcoustic™ Piano

Simply play your acoustic piano.

  • Image of a woman playing acoustic piano

Control the volume as you play.

  • Image showing the volumn control of acoustic piano

Play silently with headphones.

  • Image showing a young boy playing transacoustic piano wearing a headphone and a man is shown with laptop sitting on sofa

Use your piano as a speaker.

  • Image showing transacoustic piano and a family sitting on sofa

Download the Smart Pianist app.

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TransAcoustic™ TECHNOLOGY

Making sounds resonate.

  • Image showing strings inside of transacoustic piano

Creating acoustic sound from digital audio sources.

  • image showing acoustic piano.

A special transducer for acoustic pianos.

  • image showing transducer for transacoustic piano


Articulation sensor system.

  • image showing sensor system inside transacoustic piano

Grand expression modeling.

  • diagram showing tonal variation

Virtual resonance modeling.

  • image showing Virtual resonance modeling of transacoustic piano

Voices of Yamaha and Bösendorfer grands.

  • image of CFX and Bösendorfer pianos

Binaural sampling.

  • image showing Binaural sampling in transacoustic piano

Add pizazz to your playing.

  • collage image drawing of man playing piano, drums and bass

Two recording functions.

  • image showing USB flash drive in transacoustic piano

TransAcoustic™ Piano TC3

Features convenient volume control, yet maintains gorgeous acoustic piano resonance. Recommended for those who want to enjoy advanced TransAcoustic™ technology on a standard Yamaha piano.


Silence without sacrifice.


Everything you need from a digital. Everything you want from an acoustic.


Setting the standard by which uprights are measured.


The perfect partner for bringing out the music inside.

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