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Grand Pianos

The ultimate expression of the piano maker's art.

It starts with over 12,000 parts, fashioned from the finest aged woods and the world’s most advanced materials. Each piece is assembled by artisans in a tradition of old world craftsmanship. When it all comes together, and you touch the perfectly balanced keys and hear the rich harmonics and subtle, silky colors, you know it’s not just any grand piano. It’s a Yamaha.

Explore the finest lineup ever assembled


Under 6'




Over 7'
GB1K/GC Series piano in a nice cozy livingroom

GB1K/GC Series 5' - 5'8"

This baby is a prodigy.
CX Series in a large room

CX Series 5'3" - 7'6"

The most recorded piano in history.
SX Series piano in a nice cozy livingroom

SX Series 6'1" - 7'6"

A more intimate concert grand.
A Yamaha upright with a traditional feel with Queen Anne legs in an eclectically designed living space.

CF Series 6'3" - 9'

Our flagship concert grand.

Get to know the Grands

Tour our Kakegawa Factory, where master craftsmen shape the natural materials that make up the heart of our grand pianos.
Each note of the grand piano has a unique personality. Yamaha artist Jamie Cullum visits the Kakegawa Factory where Yamaha master technicians meticulously voice, regulate and tune every piano.
Discover the Yamaha Iwata Forge, where master metalworkers sculpt molten iron into piano frames fit for a Yamaha.
A grand piano may be made of different materials, but they share the same vision: to inspire the artist. Jamie Cullum shares his music with the Yamaha artists who crafted his piano at our Kakegawa Factory.

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The GB1K, Yamaha's most compact and affordable grand, is a popular choice for locations where space is somewhat limited, with full resonant tone comparable to that of many substantially larger models.

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