AG03MK2 LSPK USB Loopback Live Streaming Kit

AG Controller

AG Controller

AG Controller is a software application that allows you to control the DSP functions of the AG03MK2, AG06MK2, AG03, AG06, and AG01 from your Windows / Mac / iOS device via USB connection.

Hotfix version driver:

  • This driver is exclusively for AG01/AG03MK2/AG06MK2/ZG01. Operation is not guaranteed when used with other models.
  • If you are using "Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.1.1 for Windows" and are having any of the following problems, installing this driver may resolve or alleviate the symptoms.
    • Audio dropout (caused by USB communication error)
    • If an application that uses ASIO is launched while audio is playing in an application that uses WDM, playback in the application that uses WDM will stop.

*AG Controller for iOS

*Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver

Windows: You must install a driver on your computer so that it will correctly recognize and exchange data with the AG series.

Mac: Standard drivers are already installed on the computer; you do not need to install a separate driver.

Name English English
AG06MK2 AG03MK2 Block and Level Diagrams [237KB]
AG06MK2 AG03MK2 Quick Guide [966KB]
AG06MK2 AG03MK2 Safety Guide [3.3MB]
AG06MK2 AG03MK2 User Guide [3.2MB]
AG06MK2 AG03MK2 User Guide (HTML) [English]
YCM01 Owner's Manual [2.6MB]
Name English English
Data Sheet (AG03MK2) [1.2MB]
Data Sheet (YCM01) [695KB]